Sunday, May 4, 2014

Postcards from Cambridge

Paris is wonderful, but Boston is no slouch, especially from spring to fall. Before and after our Paris trip last month, I noticed that many of the voices I overheard on Newbury Street and elsewhere in Back Bay were speaking French. "Is everyone practicing for their upcoming trip, as I should be?" I wondered inattentively, before remembering that Europeans flock to Boston the same way we head over there. I live in a very beautiful destination, too, after all.

So I want to celebrate that, especially since, one of these days, we will probably end up moving to a more prosaic spot since condos in our little jewel of a neighborhood are proving to be elusive and too expensive.

In that spirit, here are a couple of photos I took recently in the exotic city of Cambridge. Let's really play tourist and pronounce it "Kahm-breej" since it lies far across le Charles (the "s" is silent).

I was walking on Memorial Drive the other day and snapped this picture-perfect skyline with boats with my trusty old iPhone. I always like to see my neighborhood from across the river; the glossy Hancock and the frumpy Prudential towers look so far apart even though it takes just a couple of minutes to get from one to the other (if you walk at a non-tourist, Proper Bostonian pace). 

It's finally warm enough to stroll across the Mass. Ave. bridge without thinking twice about it, so we'll be back to having burrito suppers at the MIT outpost of Anna's Tacqueria, and hoping for dramatic sunsets as we hike back and forth. 

I took this photo in Harvard Square as I was waiting for the Unitarian Church to open for a wedding. I don't know where these fellows and their 11 pizza boxes were heading, but they were clearly looking forward to getting there. I wanted to follow them, of course. Who wouldn't?

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