Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Postcards from Marblehead

We drove up to the North Shore on Sunday. It was a blustery, cloudy day, with flashes of sunlight and some sprinkles. Marblehead is a favorite destination; besides the waterfront, there are antique shops, bakeries, seafood restaurants, and plenty of historic streets to wander, with pretty houses and gardens to admire.

My favorite view of the town, reminiscent of a folk-art painting.
The brick building on the hill is Centennial Hall, built in 1876.

Marblehead is packed with wooden houses; many were built very early in the 18th century.

The commercial district is picturesque and full of great little shops.

A waterfront park.

 This little castle on the hill is a private home. The front has two arched stone gates, 
overgrown with vines and very atmospheric in themselves. But between them there's 
an open driveway with a few cars, ruining the effect.

Rock garden on a stone wall.

Imagine having a romantic old house beside the sea...

I always think of this lighthouse as a hoop skirt minus the skirt. 
I wish someone would put some draped and ruffled fabric over it, to billow in the breeze.
Please add a couple of petticoats under it, too.

A A widow's walk looks out to the sea.

Lots of Marblehead houses have white starfish in the windows.

A house from 1715 with starfish in the ground-floor windows.

A very old lady resting on her porch.

I'd be happy to live here, but my husband's commute to Cambridge would be long and terrible. So we consoled ourselves with tea, a blueberry muffin, a cinnamon scone, and a hermit, and were fortified for the trip back to Boston.

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