Monday, May 19, 2014

Slight Delay...

Brimfield postcards and tedious cat tales are on hold for a bit. I've gotten busy with an editing project (jewelry and costumes from Old Hollywood) on top of some emotionally draining and time-consuming house-hunting maneuvers. I need to sew yet another rejected-offer badge onto my spiritual Girl Scout sash.

But I'll be recovered, bored, and back to posting soon.

In the meantime, join Lion in relaxing with four wonderful, week-old kittens and their mama, live on "Squee TV" at Harris's alma mater, Kitten Associates.


  1. Lion, I've been watching too! Aren't they cute!! Who knows maybe your momma was a Siamese too!! They are little cuties.
    I hope your haircuts are keeping you cool. They are very stylish.
    (no more eating string or the haircuts continue, ok?)

  2. Cat tales never tedious and always enjoyable. Good luck with the house-hunting.


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