Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Bit of Shopping

Good times at Madewell: a big sale on some good stuff. The soft cotton jacket that I live in was originally $138, but sometime after I got mine last year (on sale, of course) they dropped it to a less-crazy $98. Now it's $79.50, but you can use code "SUNNY" for another 20 percent off, so it's $63.60. (I enjoy this kind of math.) They make a few variations, including a darker green "all-weather" version that isn't worn or battered so you can do that yourself. They all have six useful pockets, adjustable gathering at the waist, and sleeves you can unbutton and roll.

I'm still waiting for this cotton ikat scarf to go on sale. I saw it in their window on Newbury Street the other night, and it stopped me in my tracks. (Or is it a little too "Cambridge"?) They have other scarves on sale but not this one, of course....

I don't wear clothing with words on it (except for a black tee that says "STRONG" that I was amazed to win in a weight-lifting competition in gym class years ago... not that I ever work out nowadays). But if I ever did wear any writing, I might choose this tee or one of its saltier brothers:

Originally spotted at A Cup of Jo.

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