Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Bigger

Lion decided to weigh himself yesterday night, when I was near the scale. He is 9.8 pounds. I was surprised; he's as big as Harris and Toffee now, but he's only about 9 months old. And he weighed only 8.8 pounds just two weeks ago, so our program of giving him extra food is working — probably too well. We had noticed that he's looking and feeling a bit pudgy these days. It's hard to find his ribs. We will return to feeding him the smaller amount he was getting before. He won't be happy.

Our vet thought Lion should be eating twice as much as we were giving him, but if we had doubled his food, I know we would have soon had a double-wide kitten.

Lion snarfs his food as quickly as possible so he can move on to his favorite mealtime activity: helping himself to whatever the other cats haven't eaten yet. Why they tolerate him stealing from their bowls is beyond me. They are all quite hungry, too. It must be his irresistible pink nose. For Lion, life is an all-you-can-eat buffet and it must all be for him.

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