Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Box of Possum

Man, it was hot last night. We need to get our (noisy, ineffective, entirely loathesome) window air conditioners out of storage and have our (charming, fashion-model) handyman install them before the cats remove their fur coats and start hanging out in their skivvies.

Possum was no help last night. At some hour, long before dawn, he wanted attention and kept head-butting me with his wet nose whenever I stopped petting him. After about 20 minutes, he slumped his hot, furry body against me and fell asleep. I did not.

Harris and Lion also join us when we go to bed. Harris curls up between our heads, purring quietly but intensely, while Lion attacks our feet and then comes up to snuggle, purring loudly. He lies down across my arms when I'm holding a book. He licks my nose. He's wonderful. And I sometimes wake up to find that Toffee has settled down on me, with his face inches from mine. I can't see his milk mustache up close in the dark or I'd laugh, and he'd leave.


  1. I just asked Pinky why she couldn't be more like big brother Harris. She is selectively affectionate. They are moments I treasure. :)

  2. When Harris has other business to attend to, he won't pay the slightest attention to us. I hear Buttons is the same way: snuggly and sweet.... until he absolutely has to look out the window or something. But it sounds like Pinky is more steadily employed.


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