Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Very Doubtful Guest

No, not this one; he hasn't been categorized as "Doubtful" or "Guest" since February:

We had a mosquito visitor around 5 am. I woke up with the sole of my foot stinging and itching; that's the spot where I hate mosquito bites worst of all. Next, I hate having bites on my fingers... and I have one of those, too. My husband was also awake and itchy. We always force ourselves to turn on the lights so we can find and kill the little monsters, agonizing as that is in the wee hours. But it's the only way to go back to sleep in peace, and we often do find them gloating on a wall nearby. [Helpful tip: If you have this problem, you're better off with light-colored bedroom walls for maximum mosquito contrast.]

I spotted her: she looked bloated with our blood. Standing on the mattress, I almost nailed her twice before she flew away and disappeared. Mosquitoes like to drink water after they bite, so when we gave up scrutinizing all the bedroom walls, I stared at the bathroom and kitchen walls. No luck.

Allegra allergy pills work well for bug bites; I take them whenever I have a few bites. I took one and went back to bed, covering up as much as possible with the sheet, even though it was warm. It was our first night using our new Garnet Hill sateen sheets, and I was relieved I didn't find bloodstains from my foot or thumb. (I bought the sheets with a gift card I'd found while cleaning my desk last month. I almost tossed it, figuring that I always use GH gift cards quickly. But I checked and it was worth $100, and they were having a huge sale.... my timing was perfect, for once. Cleaning does, rarely, have its rewards.) The sheets are excellent — light, silky, and wrinkle-resistant. We were sleeping very comfortably until that bug came along.

And she is still with us. My husband spotted her in the bathroom this morning but didn't manage to flatten her. I've been checking walls all day and can't find her. But I'm sure she'll find us, tonight.

Bug bites, and miserably hot, humid weather... I just don't see the point of summer, at least not in Boston, where we don't have a pool that's handy. Bring on the peaches and field tomatoes, and then let's skip to October, pumpkins, and sweater weather.


  1. I too despise summer. Richmond is 500 times worse for heat, humidity, AND bugs - I WISH I was in Boston!

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........HATE that sound, in the dark, while trying to sleep, waving my arm around like a fool!! Your idea of just turning on the light and dealing with it is so much better!
    (Glad Panthera Leon is not a doubtful guest)


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