Friday, July 18, 2014

Annals of Real Estate: A Tiny Townhouse

On Sunday, I went to Bay Village to an open house for a tiny townhouse on Lyndeboro Place, which I'd never heard of. It's unique: you enter through a brick and wrought-iron gate into a tiny enclave of four semi-attached townhouses, which face each other across a little brick courtyard, not far from the Theater District. A big apartment building looms over it on one side, but that's life in the city. The other side has a sloping, fenced area with mature trees and groundcover blocking the view of a busy road.

I could tell immediately that the four-story townhouse was too small to hold our books and furniture, but it was adorable! I knew I wanted to share it with you. There were two tiny rooms on each of the three upper floors, but the basement was configured as a pink-walled office or craft room with cabinetry under the stairs:

Whoever staged and styled this place had charming taste and vision. It had a theme of soft pastels and warm neutrals with personality — which one rarely sees in staged properties. Usually you find white walls with a cold gray, white, and black color scheme — as though any more appealing color choices would be too threatening for a buyer's imagination. 

Look at all the pretty print fabrics and quirky items on the shelves in the basement:

The kitchen was small but efficient, and it sparkled with five lighting fixtures. Look at the dishes and cookbooks on the shelves, and that pink KitchenAid mixer:

There was also a tiny half bath under the central staircase on this floor, and a fireplaced dining room the size of a postage stamp was just inside the front door. Upstairs were two small, sparely furnished bedrooms, a bathroom, and a closet for a stacked washer-dryer. The pastel theme continued:

The top floor had two compact, neutral living rooms separated by the staircase. The back one led to a little deck with plants in need of watering, while the front room had a long, upholstered bench built under a bay window, with storage. A perfect place to sit and read....

All photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Newbury Street, Boston, via (except for the photo below)

I looked inside a couple of the bench's drawers and found board games and toys. At this point, I was beginning to wonder if the house had been staged at all, or if maybe some wonderfully quirky, minimalist family really lived here. Then I took a closer look at the bookcase, and realized things had gone too far. The game was up:

I went home to present this book arrangement idea to my husband as a great way to make our own library appear more coordinated and "neutral." We've filled something like 200 linear feet of bookshelves right now, and we need a lot more — this is one reason why house-hunting is so difficult.

When I showed my husband this photo, he just looked at me. And then he went back to writing his book. (He's actually writing two books at the moment. Because we all need more books, you know?) 

The little house went under agreement the next day.

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  1. Really imaginative place. I could see myself living there. Tim? Not so much . . .


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