Sunday, July 20, 2014

Annals of Real Estate: We Have a Winner!

No, we don't have that kind of winner, unfortunately. It's been more than four years but we still don't have a signed offer on a place that we love. Or like. Or can stand, even sort of.

BUT: this morning, in the course of my relentless, leave-no-stone-unturned search for the house of our heart's desire, I believe I have found my personal pick for Worst Boston-Area Listing Photo Ever:

Every morning, sends me an email listing new properties from the day before. I've already seen everything that interests me, but I glance through them just in case. I have no idea how I stumbled on this house this morning as I went through the list — this place has been under agreement since November. But when I saw that photo I practically spit up my tea. Then I knew I had to show it to you.

This is one of just two photos advertising a $260,000 Victorian four-bedroom house in Quincy. The other showed the exterior of a very ordinary Greek Revival. The listing noted that the roof leaks, there's water damage, and the floors need help. It's a short sale.

Keep in mind that this is the only photo of the inside of the house, so we should expect to be admiring its very best features. I have seen my fair share of terrible real-estate photos, including close-ups of toilets (seat up or down), contractor-grade faucets, fuseboxes, boilers, doorknobs, and vinyl tile. But none was as evocative as this sad little corner with its messed-up walls and junk all over the floor. 

No way am I setting foot in this place. 

But don't you love how the mirror reflects the worst of those stains on the wall? And don't you think it makes the room look dramatically bigger and brighter?


  1. Oh, I do hope whoever purchases this place puts some love into it and brings to it some happy color and freshness.
    I feel sorry for this sad room. It needs less trash, some color, warm furnishings and of course a cat or two to give it some real personality.

  2. House hunting can really test one’s patience. Not only because of it’s exhausting, but also things you have to consider before choosing one, or not getting the one you wanted. But everything has its proper time and who knows, 2014 might be your lucky year. Just keep looking and try different real estate listing site as well to see more options.

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