Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't Try This at Home: Apple Store Decor, Revisited

Last summer I told you about an "Apple Store" condo on Marlborough Street, which had inexplicably been on the market for a while despite a very hot market. It was a basement unit with a weirdly familiar-looking, glass-walled bedroom, complete with a brushed-metal railing... if only it came with a staff of helpful young people carrying iPads and wearing matching shirts.

The 650-square foot condo is back on the market again. Shockingly, it never sold last year, and the price has been reduced even as prices around here are rising like the dickens. You can see the new listing here.*

The "sunken" glass bedroom is still there:

The railing will help with crowd control during new-product launches.

What we didn't see the last time this unit was listed was the "private wine cellar." Check it out:

Doesn't that look cozy and comfortable? 
I love wrought-iron furniture indoors, don't you?

This unit is described as "the perfect place for private relaxation or entertaining guests." So run, don't walk, to snap up this one-of-a-kind treasure on one of Boston's prettiest streets. 

What? You are not sufficiently enticed? Okay: here's the grand staircase in the building. You'd never use it, since if you'd be living in the basement. But you can look at it before you head to your subterranean abode. The developers named this building, "Heaven on Marlborough Street," so this is really, truly the "Stairway to Heaven":

See that bright light at the end? Your loved ones are waiting for you there.
(all photos courtesy of The Charles Realty, via

Now we know, for future reference, that The Stairway to Heaven has recessed lights and replacement, standard-issue balusters, steps, and hand railing instead of the (much lovelier, I'm sure) originals. The developers are extremely proud of the fact that they retained the original newel post (not shown), perhaps the only original item they preserved when they gutted the building. There are also little clouds painting on the ceiling.

What do you think? Should we take it? Or should we turn back and LIVE?

* I found this listing on, which I still think is the best real-estate search tool, although they keep "improving" it so it's not as good as it was last year. And forget the phone app....


  1. What is that horrid thing under the bed? A rug? Or the house, oozing blood over the way it's been treated. And, that "wine cellar" looks like a good place to read Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado."

  2. 4cats, that is a cowhide, I think. And I can't imagine doing anything else in that "wine cellar" except reading Poe. You read my mind!


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