Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lion, Hanging On

When he was a baby, Lion had no trouble lying on top of his favorite pillow. As I look back, I see that he was a scruffy, skinny, semi-shorthaired little guy when he came to us. The five photos below were taken between February 15 and 17, about a month after he arrived:

These days, Lion can still be found on his pillow — see below — but it's a more precarious arrangement. And he has a lot more "upholstery" and "floof" than he did a few months ago. Even though it's summer, he's fluffing out in a big way. He has a ruff now, for example, which he didn't have in the photos above. His tail is also becoming a phenomenon, not only because it seems to get fatter by the day, but because it's always waving gracefully in the air unless he's stalking a toy, when it twitches back and forth like a metronome. It's one of the coolest communication tools since the iPhone.

Hang on, Lion.

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