Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Possum!

Possum is 5 years old today. Every day is a holiday for Possum but we like to celebrate this occasion by praising and indulging him even more than usual, telling him formally how proud and honored we are to be his family. Truly, he is the greatest of our cats — and not only in terms of volume.

Possum listened politely and said he was very pleased to hear all that but would vastly prefer some sausages. Sausages are often foremost on his mind when he's not thinking about art history or ways to improve me. The trouble is that he craves a particular kind of fish sausage from his homeland, Norway, that is not available here. So we have never been able to satisfy his longing.

I love to coo over his kitten photos and his birthday gives me an excuse. Possum tolerates me, but just barely, since he is never one to look backward and reminisce. 

Here he is lounging on the sofa shortly after he arrived. We could already tell that he would grow up to be extraordinary: cultured, gentlemanly, cosmopolitan, elegant, and full of interests and ideas. We didn't know he would turn out to be quite so well-upholstered.

Here is another early photo where he has cat food on his nose. He objected to my including this one, but I think it's adorable and I'm the one at the keyboard:

Possum was proud of displaying his belly even before it became so... prominent:

Here's a recent closeup that he likes because of the way it presents his tipped left ear. He's very proud of that because it proves he was believed to be a wild outdoor cat once upon a time, rather than the the Proper Bostonian he say he is now.

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