Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sleepy Time

The mosquito didn't come back last night although it seems I was awake most of the night waiting for her.

We had other company. Lion likes to visit us at night, demanding attention and attacking our feet under the comforter. His loud purr keeps me awake in the pleasantest way possible. Then he runs off to chase Toffee. They race wildly through the house as we're trying to sleep.

Wendy only visits with my husband on the bed if I'm not in the room. He can pet her for ages as she lies on her back purring, completely relaxed, and utterly unlike her usual, "Expecting To Die" self. The second I appear, she flees. Guilty much, Wendy?

Many things happen in our apartment when the lights are off. Stuff on our desks and the kitchen counters ends up on the floor. Items are dragged into the bedroom and bathroom. Ribbons that hold back the curtains go AWOL. Rugs are rearranged. Hairballs are produced. Occasionally, someone turns on the stereo or erases all the messages on our answering machine. (I'd been saving the one where Robin told us we'd been approved to adopt Harris for about 18 months before a cat, possibly Lion, deleted it. My husband swears it wasn't him and I believe him; he lived in fear of pressing the wrong button for all those months.)

Harris joins us after we turn out the lights. He settles in between our pillows, pressing his back hard against me. Lately he's been sleeping with his head on my husband's shoulder. He's almost too endearing. My pillow transmits his purring.

Possum waits until closer to dawn to come by, talking and nudging my arm or hand with his cold, wet nose until I wake up, surrender, and pet him pretty hard, the way he likes it. He walks around on us, which is not fun since he's big and heavy. We groan and complain. He'll eventually nap beside me if I move over to make room.

Toffee might come by at a more respectable hour to lie at my feet. Once or twice I've woken to find him sitting quietly in "meatloaf position" on me, with his head inches from my face.

With all this nighttime activity, everyone is exhausted during the day. Especially me. All five cats sleep away the hours as I watch them enviously. Until it's our bedtime. Then they get busy.

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