Friday, July 4, 2014

A Box of Wendy, and More...

For those of you who want more of Wendy, she condescended to pose for me a couple of times recently.

In this photo, you can see her mentally inventorying her list of grievances, a big job for her. Her current list is too long to reproduce here; I asked her to condense it for a post in a couple of weeks, for her 5th birthday.

Here, she watches me with dilated, anxious eyes, wondering if she is Going To Die because I found her curled up in the box next to my desk. 

Oddly enough, only Wendy and Harris were out and about, acting normally when we got home from the fireworks last night. We had a great time at a party on Beacon Street, and saw the display from picture windows overlooking the Charles. The racket was deafening, as usual, and we always wonder how the cats are handling it. We headed home soon afterward, hoping to beat the drenching downpour that was on its way. It hit just as we reached our front steps — we missed a soaking by a few seconds. 

Inside, we found just two cats. I'd expect to see Harris because he was brought up to feel safe and secure from birth by his wonderful foster family. So Harris is a pretty cool cat. But it seems that Wendy feels like she under such a constant state of attack — facing imminent death at any moment — that a half-hour of warfare booming into her home doesn't add very much to her troubles.

I found Toffee and Possum under the sofa together, and soon all four cats were going crazy over those freeze-dried chicken treats that look and feel like balsa wood. What IS the appeal of that stuff? How can they even smell it? But they love nothing more, and turn into ravening beasts.

We didn't see Lion until early this morning. We have no idea where he hid. If you were reading here when I discovered him at his foster home in Maine last fall, you may remember that his original name was Cowardly Lion. We are all working on helping him find his Courage, and he's made progress — greeting some of our guests, starting boxing matches with Possum, and so on. But he still spooks easily, not that scary things happen very often around here. Mainly he fears the vacuum cleaner and trips to the vet. You know how much I hate vacuuming, so now I do it as infrequently as possible... for dear Lion's sake. (He's a godsend, in other words.) 

He definitely needs a very calm, safe, understanding home. And aside from July fireworks and the occasional uproar from our canister vac, we're delighted to provide just that. But Wendy will tell you otherwise.


  1. What are these fabulous freeze-dried chicken treats you speak of? Trying to find something for our poor cat suffering from triaditis...would love to find a treat he could stomach.

  2. Oh, dear, I had to look up "triaditis" and it sounds awful. I hope your cat gets better soon! (I also hope you've got the poor kid on a raw diet or grain-free, high-quality canned food, and not kibble, since it's SO much better for cats' digestive systems, although most vets don't yet understand that. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now since you didn't ask me about diet.)

    The treats our cats are crazy for are Whole Life Pet Single Ingredient USA Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Treats for Dogs ( They are great for cats, too, broken into smaller pieces. They are not cheap, but we give them in pretty small amounts so a bag lasts a long time, even for five cats. I never give too many since water is such a vital part of a cat's diet. Good luck to you!

  3. So many blogs have been warning about the dangers of fireworks to pets this week. I am kind of glad that personal fireworks are not legal in my city, and there were no fireworks displays near my area on Canada Day. My previous cat just loved the chicken treats over most other cat treats My present 2 cats used to like the freeze dried chicken treats, but decided that the freeze dried turkey treats are better. I get the Pure Bites dog treats as they are a better deal. They also like the Nature's Variety Instinct freeze dried raw bits, but I have not been able to get them interested in any frozen raw foods. Also having limited success in getting them to accept a wider variety of (quality) canned foods. They will reliably eat Wellness Core, but may or may not sample other brands. I recently discovered that more than a small amount of foods/treats with fish ingredients may cause digestive problems with one of the cats, Too bad, as they both love Tuna.

    1. Hi there, I can't imagine greater treat enthusiasm than we're seeing with the chicken, but if it ever wanes, we'll check out the turkey! Our cats like Nature's Variety frozen raw, but it can't be too cold; they need to be able to smell it. If you try raw again, let it sit out for a while, and try sprinkling a little treat dust over it so they can smell it. I've read that the fish used in cat food tends to be highly polluted (and not human grade) so we avoid it. Instead, we give our cats their Omega-3s via water-packed, no-sodium "people" sardines once a week or so, from Trader Joe's. There's enough for four or five cats in a tin, so that works out nicely for us.

  4. Thank you! The Whole Life pet company looks terrific--going to get some today. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.


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