Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Piece of Toffee

It was hardly my finest hour as a photographer — my subject was neither in focus nor entirely in the frame — but the result made me laugh:

It's a silly photo of a silly cat. Toffee may be handsome and wild-looking, but he's a goofball at heart. Any cat with a butterfly-shaped milk mustache would have to be. When we pet him, he flops and rolls around so much that he'll tumble to the floor if we don't stop him. He gives himself coughing spells from purring too hard, too. He was a crazy kitten but he's mellowing a little with maturity. He used to leap madly into the air after his toys but he's lazier now, or perhaps more efficient.  These days, he tries to coax his toys (and flying insects) to come to him by warbling at them. Sometimes it works.

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