Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Box of Wendy

These days, it looks a bit like we're moving (HA!) because the cats won't let me throw out some boxes that are littering our living room floor. There's usually a cat curled up in at least one; they take turns napping and thinking deep thoughts in them — there's nothing more comfortable than cardboard, it seems. 

The boxes tend to roam around the room late at night, so we appreciate how the cats keep them firmly anchored in place during the day. Otherwise we'd be freaking out to see empty boxes wandering of their own accord.

Here, Wendy is giving me the evil eye while posing as The World's Finest Non-Electric Lamp. I suppose cats are like non-electric lamps since their eyes are reflective in dim light. And, no, I didn't buy such a lamp. I got an old cookie tin via eBay (for a buck) that looks like our coveted family heirloom, only rustier, alas. The packing box turned out to be the real prize.

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