Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cat Photos You'll Probably Never See

1. Lion playing fetch in the dark when we're in bed.

2. Harris curling up between our pillows at night.

3. Possum sitting on me for a friendly chat as I try to sleep before dawn.

4. Wendy losing a bunch of her favorite sparkle balls under furniture.

5. Lion on his maneuvers with drinking straws, his new passion. I'll try to shoot him carrying them around and looking silly. But I've never seen him lose one. I found six or seven when I vacuumed, and a lot more are still missing.

6.  Toffee flying around the apartment chasing his brothers. A brown blur.

7.  Harris playing "bride" with the crocheted lace bathroom curtain draped on his head. I keep trying....

8.  Wendy strutting around, singing, with her green snake in her mouth. Need to shoot video for this.

9.  Harris having a vendetta with the bedroom phone. It always loses and we hear it crash to the floor.

10.  Wendy taking off in a panic the instant I come into the bedroom while my husband is petting her.

11. Toffee hiding out behind the printer, sometimes with Lion for company. Toffee hiding out completely wrapped in a bedsheet.

12. Possum trying to relax on me, between my face and my laptop, when I'm in a comfortable chair. The daily sudoku puzzle is challenging enough when I can actually see it.

13. Possum, Lion, and Toffee taking refuge under the sofa during a thunderstorm. Those photos always show only three pairs of "headlight eyes" and all the fur on the underside of the sofa. So forget it.

14. Anyone coughing up a hairball or returning their last meal to us. I have some propriety, being The Proper Bostonian, ya know.

15. Lion erasing messages on our answering machine. Lion erasing our greeting. Lion resetting the date and time. Lion messing with my laptop.

16. Harris with his head inside the empty Starbucks cup my husband has been reusing all week. Harris, a master thief, one-upped Lion tonight by stealing the whole cup, not just some stupid straw. I did persuade him to pose with his trophy:


  1. How amazing that your cats all seem to get along. Have you posted about how you introduced them? I just adopted a 3-year old calico from the local SPCA--she is so sweet, but really scared of our male 11-year-old cat, and does a lot of hissing when she smells him or senses he's near. We are trying to take the introduction slowly, but she caught sight of him (he was behind a glass door) and got pretty upset, so we're avoiding visual contact for now. If you have any suggestions for the best way to introduce cats, I'm all ears--thanks!

  2. They do all get along pretty well (knock wood...) although there's sometimes a little dominance behavior between a couple of them. All of ours arrived as kittens so it was easier; only our calico, Wendy, complained about the various boys' arrivals for a few weeks. Calico cats can be tricky! But remember, hissing is from fear, not aggression, so that's good. My best advice to you is to be very, very patient and give them as long as they need it. Keep them separated but able to sniff each other under the door. Keep the new cat feeling safe in a small room. Occasionally transfer toys or bedding with one cat's scent into the other cat's space to help them get used to each other. Also give them treats on each side of that closed door. Letting them see each other safely for a few seconds might be less threatening a little later. Eventually, you might be able to swap them — give each one a chance to explore the other cat's space by themselves. Give both of them loads of attention and love. Some people get results from using Rescue Remedy, etc., but I never really stuck with it. Best of luck and please let me know how it's going!

    1. Thank you! This sounds like sensible advice, and we have been taking it slow. Funny that you mention that calico cats are tricky--I'd never heard this, but the vet mentioned that calicos have, as she called it, "sass." She does indeed hiss, but it's clear that it happens when she's freaked out. Otherwise, she's a sweet muffin. Will keep you posted. Thanks again!


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