Tuesday, August 19, 2014

City Scenes: Some New Folks in Town

While we're in Maine, I thought I'd post a few discoveries I made around the city. I'll have some postcards from Mount Desert Island after I return.

We met this nice fellow at the bus stop the other day. I admired his rats, which were beautifully behaved, and asked him if  I could take some photos. He agreed, and thanked me for asking. "I just got here from New York," he said, "and people are always getting mad at me there because I get mad at them for taking my picture without asking me first." 

He said he was homeless and was hoping the driver would let him on the bus to Harvard Square. I told him that there are sometimes interesting animals on the T, like that boa constrictor that went missing on a train for a while, but I didn't know about the buses. And we gave him some money. 

The bus driver was aghast when he tried to board, and refused to let him on, exclaiming at such a ridiculous idea. He shrugged philosophically and smiled when we apologized as we boarded. I hope he and his pals are made it to the Square and are doing well wherever they roam.

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