Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Harris and Toffee

Harris is 2 years old today, and we've assigned Toffee the same birthday since he was a stray and refuses to tell us the exact day. He's doesn't mind sharing August 10 with Harris. I'm not sure if Harris truly likes sharing anything, but he's so sweet-natured that he puts up with it.

Harris was taking a nap this morning when I offered him my birthday good wishes. Here's his response:

Toffee was more philosophical. He stretched out on a box and pondered what the year ahead might bring. More kittens to befriend? A new place to run around in and destroy? More Christmas tree lights to ingest? 

I always get nostalgic on birthdays and went back to look at the Best Cat Photo Ever, taken by my husband a month or two after Harris and Toffee arrived:

These two were always friends and co-conspirators. Aside from getting bigger and even more affectionate, Harris has hardly changed a bit. Toffee has stopped climbing the curtains and finding ways to harm himself. And where did he lose those big tufts sticking out of his ears? As a kitten, he looked like a tiny wild cat and was deliciously fluffy. Then most of his fur fell out and we had a shorthaired cat with an incongruously bushy tail for several months. While he looks much better now, we're still waiting for his magnificent Maine Coon coat to come back in all its glory. So we'd better keep him; it could happen any time.

I guess there won't be a birthday cake this year, since we watching our sugar intake. But you never know.... 

Update: I had a slice of three-layer chocolate cake from The Thinking Cup tonight in honor of the boys. I've been very careful about watching my sugar intake but, once in a while, I indulge. And it was good.

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