Monday, August 18, 2014

Harris Poses

Harris declared himself our "Most Important Cat" months ago and no one batted an eye. If anyone disputes it, they're keeping it quiet. Nobody can deny that Harris is our best photographic subject. He's our only graduate from Miss Robin's School of Modeling, a subsidiary of the Kitten Associates shelter where he lived before he decided to go home with us.

These photos show Harris's typical routine when we come over to talk to him. We're heading to Maine today, so I need to post these photos to remember him by while we're gone:

He often looks a little sleepy and sulky when we awaken him from a light nap:

The next thing we know, he's rolling over and purring, in case we need to pet his belly:

He's knows he's temptingly soft and cuddly:

And his feet are pink and white and black and fluffy:

In fact, he's so adorable he can hardly stand himself:

By showing off his kittenish good looks and charm, he's also proving beyond a doubt that he deserves to be the Most Important Cat. You show 'em, Harris.


  1. Miss Robin does do a wonderful job. Harris took it from there tho and far surpassed his masters teachings. He really is a handsome man.

    1. Thank you! He would be so pleased to hear your praise that he would roll on his back and wave his paws at you in happiness.

  2. Gasp! Harris really IS unbearably adorable! But by saying out loud that he's the Most Important Cat, won't that stir up jealousy among his siblings? Do you have to tell each one that "Mommy loves you all equally"?


  3. The other boys and Wendy quietly humor Harris, while each boy knows in his heart that HE is the Most Important Cat. Wendy can't stand me, so I'm not sure what she thinks. But I do love them all equally and tell them so all the time.


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