Monday, August 4, 2014

Lion Poses

Lion is getting bigger, sweeter, fluffier, and funnier all the time. He's going to have the most impressive ruff in the household, and his fur is so silky that we can identify him in the dark. 

He loves plastic drinking straws and has a large collection, mostly pilfered from the kitchen counter. Now we bring him extras from places like Shake Shack and leave them around for him to steal. He often visits with us at night soon after we go to bed, sometimes bringing us a toy for a fast, furious game of fetch, with him leaping on and off the bed. 

He's going to develop even more personality as he gets older, I can tell. He and Possum are the only cats who talk back to me when I speak to them. Possum speaks English, of course, while Lion meows. Lion also gives nose kisses as he sits in my lap, staring up at me adoringly and purring. He lounges alongside and partly across my laptop, pawing at my cursor or anything else that's moving on the screen.

Here he is looking pink-nosed and serious. His nose seems to be getting brighter lately, like Rudolph's. Who knows what it will be like by Christmas?

He often puts his ears back when he knows I'm taking his picture. I think he is trying to look serious and intellectual; to me, he looks silly. What do you think?

In the shot below, I got more of a glamour pose. From the way he's turned his head and is squinting slightly, I believe he is trying to look like Gloria Swanson, but I don't know why. 

See the resemblance? And could this be why he's so interested in straws?

From Possum, I know that Lion is fascinated by the stars in old movies because he believes they were really black and white, like him. Possum was pretty sure this wasn't the case, so I explained film to him. Then we both decided against enlightening Lion. Possum is quite a thoughtful cat, although he keeps nagging me to do something with my hair.

Lion is hard to photograph unless he's lying on his pillow, but I was able to get a profile of him the day he was on the mantel:

His coat pattern is so interesting. As you can see, he started out in the Cat Factory as an all-white cat, but then they poured black pigment on him from above, as we'd pour a dark-chocolate glaze over a loaf cake. Black covers each eye, it but got stopped by his ears so he's got long streaks of white under each one. Then it fell in an undulating pattern across his back, "dripping" down his sides. They missed a tiny spot at the back of his neck, so there's a little white patch there. I told my husband it looks just like a view of the three pyramids at Giza. (And he fell for it, so Lion got to stay.)  The Cat Factory finished their job by dipping Lion's whole tail. 

I wish he would sleep on his back, like Possum, because then he'd look like a white cat with a black tail. So far, he ha never done it; I suppose that, with his tuxedo attire, he feels he ought to behave with more decorum at all times.

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