Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lion Poses

He's getting so big, fluffy, and gorgeous. He's hard to photograph because he often closes his eyes when I point a camera at him — even though I never use flash. Or he'll get up and come over for some love.

He's perfect. Thank you again to everyone who encouraged us to keep him. What fools we were to hesitate!


  1. I'm very glad Lion joined your family. He has been such a wonderful addition & now it seems inconceivable there was ever a question about his being a part of your gang.
    Thanks so much for your posts. I've been a long time without a cat and I derive great vicarious pleasure from admiring yours. Such beauties! And such imps!
    And thanks also for your fine travel & fashion tips. Deyrolle was one of the highlights of our trip to Paris last year (well, everything was, actually, but Deyrolle was extra delightful). And I have a couple of favorite skirts now from your Garnet Hill sale alerts.
    So, I'm just a fan letting you know that your efforts here are much appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much for your message! I love to hear from readers and I appreciate your kind words. Lion is next to my laptop pawing my shoulder and purring. I think he likes being called an "imp"!


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