Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Jeffersons

After I finished reading John Adams, and visiting the various Adams sites in Quincy, it seemed like a good idea to watch the excellent PBS adaptation of the book again, partly to enjoy the fine performances by Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney as our second First Couple, but mostly to savor Stephane Dillane's portrayal of the future POTUS #3.

Possum had seen the series when it first came out so he knew what to expect. He settled right in next to me and kept quiet through the episodes. Harris and Toffee, sitting nearby, heard me sighing and cooing every time Jefferson appeared, and they were puzzled, since they've only ever heard me make that kind of fuss over a cat.

We all paid particular attention to the scene where Jefferson sits looking pensive, if not morose, as Adams and Franklin pick over his draft of the Declaration of Independence:

Harris and Toffee realized that they could be just as devastatingly pensive, deep, and/or morose. So they got down to it:

I think Toffee has the strongest physical resemblance to Stephen Dillane of anyone in the family (sorry, Possum). But Harris excels at looking morose and awkward in a chair.

Unfortunately for them, I am not about to stop cooing over Thomas Jefferson despite their best efforts.

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