Thursday, August 28, 2014

Postcards from Maine: Bugs

I meet a lot of bugs when we hang around the pool at our inn in Maine. The pool is close to the harbor, but there are many trees on the inn property as well as a shade garden. We see seagulls, crows, and other birds, an occasional shy cat, bats, and zillions of bugs. I rescue those that I find drowning in the pool, except for mosquitoes and spiders. We kill as many mosquitoes as we can, often while they're biting us. My husband has to deal with the spiders himself. I can't share a swimming pool with a spider.

The most beautiful bug I've seen up there was this flashy, ladybug-sized critter, whose metallic gold body had tortoise-like markings and transparent, colorless edges:

 I've since identified it as a Mottled Tortoise Beetle. Think of it as jewelry that crawls.

I learned that there's also a similar, all-gold insect, the Golden Tortoise Beetle, that I hope to see someday.

As we sat around reading, in or out of the hot tub, yellow leaves drifted down and landed near us, rather deliberately, it seemed to me. It was like receiving little messages from Mother Nature, announcing, "Summer's ending! Put those toys away! Don't you have some homework?"

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