Friday, August 29, 2014

Postcards from Maine: Harbor Scenes

So many harbors and scenic views...

Camden Harbor, on our way up the coast. Someday, we'll take a 3- or 4-day 
Windjammer Cruise from here — their smallest antique sailboat sleeps six plus the crew. 
That's my idea of a "cruise."

 Still as glass. Southwest Harbor, from the dock where the Cranberry Island Ferry (mail boat) departs.

We have an artsy "French" dinghy starring in the inevitable SWH dinghy photo this year.

Northeast Harbor from the hillside path to Thuya Lodge, a house and garden open to the public.

 Bar Harbor at sunset, with Bar Island in the background. 

The Mary Todd begins dropping its sails as it comes into Bar Harbor for the evening.

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