Saturday, August 30, 2014

Postcards from Maine: The Rockefeller Frogs

I'm flying to San Francisco for a wedding today, so you may not hear much from me until late next week (except for some Maine postcard stragglers, perhaps).

One of our favorite things about the Rockefeller Garden in Seal Harbor (see previous post) is the frog pond. Visitors gaze at it for a while, searching the lily pads for a frog and getting excited when they find one. Then, if they're observant, they'll see more and more. It becomes a game for both adults and kids to find them all.

One this visit, finding the first one was easy. Eventually, we counted eight.

Three frogs in plain sight.

You can also play the game. We found EIGHT frogs on this visit. Can you find them all in the photos below? (Click on one to enlarge it.)

I can only find seven in these photos, including one with its head peeping through the leaves by the top of the first photo. Look for three more along the outer leaves from the bottom center of that photo to the lower right. Three more frogs form a diagonal straight line across the leaves towards the top of that  photo. Number Eight might be hidden mostly leaves.

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