Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We're Back

Our week-and-a-day in Maine was wonderful — not that we saw a whole lot beyond the pool area of our inn. There were a few brief forays to a couple of gardens and that state park thing they have up there, where they serve popovers. We drove to Bar Harbor a couple of times, mainly for the food ice cream.

We each gained two pounds, horrors! Blame it on big inn breakfasts and irresistible cake slices from Gott's, a great little grocery store we just discovered on a road to nowhere. Time to get back on the healthy-eating wagon.... snore.

We also checked some lobster traps, did a little shopping, and introduced a Serbian friend to s'mores. A good time all around.

But it was nice to come home to this:

It seems the cats watched all the Downton Abbey reruns while we were gone. Possum must have decided that Lion needed to see all four seasons, since he was just a baby last winter and needed to catch up. As you can see, Possum is back to doing his Lord Grantham imitation, while Wendy seems to be modeling herself on the Dowager at his suggestion. She'd rather be a character who hides a lot.

I guess that Lion's favorite character would be whoever spends the most time being around food... so Mrs. Patmore. It's a nice stretch for him, but it's also kind of a waste since he's the only one of the cats who knows how to wear gentlemen's evening attire. Now we will have to find him an apron.

He is sitting on my desk beside me as I type, purring away and batting at my shirt and my face so I will pet him get up and feed him.

Yes, m'lord.

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