Thursday, September 11, 2014


Our monthly delivery from the Fish + Bone pet shop on Newbury Street arrived this morning. We got three heavy boxes packed with cases of Hound & Gatos and Nature's Variety Instinct flavors this month. There's a shortage of domestic rabbit these days, so we can't get any of that tasty stuff. (And yet there are lots of bunnies now in Back Bay. Are they refugees from wherever they were being raised for cat food? I hope so. Cats may be pure carnivores but I still feed a little sad serving all this meat — especially when I'm feeding them rabbit.)

I had a lot of supervision as I hauled the boxes upstairs and then unpacked and sorted the rations. Possum is always happy to see it arrive:

Because of the rabbit shortage, we're feeding more chicken, lamb, and duck these days. I wish the companies we like would make some new (and more affordable) flavors. I'd like to see turkey and goat, for starters. We don't feed our cats beef, pork, or fish for various reasons. For one thing, Wendy hates salmon and other fish. When she was a kitten, finding salmon in her bowl would make her visibly unhappy. If cats could cry....

Possum loves fish, of course. He says he would like to see smoked herring and Norwegian lutefisk in his bowl. And sausages.

We have several area Food Inspectors, who scrutinize all the cans, getting in my way as I try to fit everything into our cabinets. Some of them don't think it's necessary to put anything away. Just open it all NOW, they say. Others want it put away quickly — Just In Case Something Bad Happens And It Disappears! (That would be our eternally paranoid Wendy.)

Harris is never sure we've ordered enough. He knows that Lion can single-pawedly eat us out of house and home. Here's he's counting the cans:

There's usually at least one Inspector standing guard against thievery until the cans are secured below:

We're lucky that we can afford all this good food. But we're still hoping to move to a new place with a bigger kitchen, so we can make and store our own homemade raw food. Someday soon, maybe.

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