Sunday, September 21, 2014

Harris Steals Again

Harris is back to his thieving ways. The other day, we got out three of the cat carriers because Possum and Wendy were heading to the vet for checkups and Lion was going along to be weighed. (More on that subject later.)  Lion's little fleece blanket came out of the closet with the carriers; his foster mother had packed it for him with his favorite red mouse when he came here. It is his.

That is, until Harris stole it. Again. This is the second or third time he has made off with Lion's blanket, and it's not an easy feat. This time he had to drag it off the dining room table. It's hard for a cat to carry something that large without tripping. As a result, it's fun to watch.

Usually, Harris brings all of his stolen items to the middle of the bedroom carpet, for reasons only he can understand. This time he was accosted along the route:

He did his best to intimidate Lion. As you can see put his ears back. (Airplane Ears are supposed to be really scary but, if you ask me... not so much.) He also hissed and growled like a little maniac and whipped his tail around in a threatening fashion.

It's difficult to hiss and growl with a mouthful of fleece blanket. You try it some time, and you'll instantly see what I mean.  Lion circled cautiously, but it was clear he wouldn't be getting his blanket back:

So Lion gave up. And at that same moment, Harris acquired some self-awareness and realized he was crouching on the floor and making a weird, muffled racket with a flowered blanket in his mouth. And that this was not cool. 

So, shortly after this photo, he walked away, abandoning the blanket and trying to look nonchalant. But later I caught him with his jaw clamped on Lion's carrier. Good luck with that, Harris.

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