Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photos Fixed!

As I was droning on, photo-less, in my last post, my dead iPhoto library/database was rebuilding and repairing itself in the background.

After about five hours of spinning and chugging, almost all of my nearly 24,000 photos are back where they belong. That means that postcards from San Francisco could arrive as soon as tomorrow.

There will be fewer than 24,000 postcards, but that's all I can say with certainty.

Phew. It's been a scary few days. I tried various repairs, but nothing worked. The prospect of having to start all over and re-import all those photos from thousands of folders sent me trotting to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store this afternoon. I usually dread going since they can't always help me. But I'm beginning to think that the true, secret purpose of the Genius Bar is to stimulate self-reliance. As we watch the Geniuses fumble, look baffled, and ask each other for tips, we quietly think, "Oh, come on. I'd be able do better than that." Thus we develop confidence. And then we listen more carefully, and gather enough clues to go home and fix the problem ourselves.

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