Monday, September 1, 2014

Postcards from Maine: Acadia National Park

Here's some proof that we actually did leave the pool area at the inn to do something besides eat and sleep. We drove into Acadia State Park twice, and both times found it so crowded with cars, bikes, and hikers that we thanked our lucky stars that we weren't trying to park in one of the lots for a hiking trail, because they were always full with waiting lines. August is always a busy time in the park and this year it seemed more packed than ever. The Jordan Pond House Restaurant was mobbed, too, but they've added more parking areas, which were sorely needed. We still had to make our lunch reservation a day in advance.

A rocky path down to the Atlantic.

Otter Cliff, from near the Park Loop Road.

A Jordan Pond view toward The Bubbles.

Jordan Pond House view of a popover and blueberry herbal iced tea.

A red squirrel checks us out as we hike around Jordan Pond 
(in flip flops, because we are so tough).

A loon on Jordan Pond. My husband admired its gleaming red eye and crisp black-and-white
patterns, which reminded him of Lion.

A pond view before the path got rocky and I had to concentrate on not breaking 
an ankle because I was in flip flops.

You can climb the mountains bordering the pond. Or just sit around having popovers and tea. 
Or you can do both.

Rocky cliffs facing toward Schoodic Point to the east, across the bay.

 We like to find a warm stone ledge and sit and watch the world not going by. 

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