Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Postcards from Maine: Just Blooming

Come a snowy day in January or February, it will be good to look back and remember the glorious abundance of flowers we saw and sniffed in Maine. August is the peak month for flowers on Mount Desert Island; they get off to a slow start because spring is late and cold, so there's not a lot to see in June. But in late August, there's color everywhere.... as the leaves are just about to begin turning. I love the old-fashioned flowers that fill the Rockefeller Garden, Thuya Lodge Garden, and many other spots all over the island. They're the kinds my grandmother grew and taught me to love — the ones I've wanted to grow all my life.

It's really time I had a garden of my own... maybe next year will finally be the year.

 Black-Eyed Susans spreading sunshine.

Huge dahlias. My husband loves these and so do I. In every color.

Bee Balm, "Raspberry Wine" 

An artist sketches dahlias at Thuya Lodge. 

 Marigolds used to seem prosaic until I saw Monsoon Wedding.

Pink phlox having a banner year.

Variegated petunias in the window boxes of a hair salon in Southwest Harbor

Delphinium. Blue!


We did not see more than a few butterflies on this trip. Worrisome.

Seaside Garden by the Bar Harbor Inn

Tomorrow I'll be coming back from California and I'll let you know if I loved it as much as I love Maine.

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