Friday, September 12, 2014

Ten Things I'm Enjoying Now

I accidentally wrecked my iPhoto library yesterday, so the 24,000 photos I've organized there are not behaving. I'm trying to stay optimistic, and I have an appointment at the Genius Bar at our local Apple Store but not until Sunday afternoon.

Ten things to take my mind off THAT. If you read here much, you know that food tends to take my mind off things.

1. Carrot soup. I made a very good batch the other day. I used an onion and a bunch of carrots from the farmer's market. I used a whole stick of butter, too, since I was using a box of Trader Joe's, organic, non-fat chicken broth. I added some sea salt, dried lemon peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg.When everything was cooked, I puréed the soup with my stick blender and added the zest and juice of an orange, and some fresh grated ginger that I'd frozen last fall. The orange and the ginger made it taste bright and fresh, and it's good hot or cold.

2. So there was this one carrot in the bunch the farmer chose for me that I could not chop up for my soup. He (I assume it's a "he") is still living in the fridge:

3. Saturn peaches. These are the little donut-shaped ones that don't look like much. I find them at the farmer's market and occasionally at Trader Joe's. One of the Rules of Fruit is that the best-tasting varieties are often the least visually appealing and the smallest of their kind. This is true of peaches. I have a really hard time choosing a white or yellow peach that will be sweet and not too hard, too soft, or too tart. If you choose a Saturn peach that has a wee bit of give under its skin, you've got a winner every time. I have no photos because I ate my last bagful too quickly.

4. Field tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes. Almost all of the tomatoes at the farmer's market are looking fine! We eat the yellow cherries like we used to eat peanut butter cups. (Oh, crap. Why did I have to think about those....)

5. Brewed ice tea. Since we stopped drinking soda, I've been drinking more iced tea. My current favorite is Bigelow's peach herbal tea. I use four teabags plus a mint teabag in a quart of boiling water, and let them steep for about 5 minutes. I add two teaspoons of sugar (8–10 grams) while it's hot. Then I add cold water to fill my pitcher, which holds almost two quarts. It's delicious, and a beautiful color, too. I would love to paint my walls the color of iced tea....

6. Those tiny decorative pumpkins are showing up everywhere. That means summer will soon be OVER.

7. Besides food, there's fall clothing to think about. So I don't spend the next few months in my Madewell skinny jeans, I ordered this great little skirt from Boden, in denim and in two colors of velvety cotton moleskin, to see which one I like best (free shipping and returns). If this orange-red is too bright, there's a neutral light brown that looks like suede:

8. Not watching football. We spent last Sunday afternoon in Newburyport and I didn't know until around 4 o'clock that there was a Patriots game. My husband is usually glued to the set on Sunday afternoons so this was a refreshing departure for him. (He did listen to the end of the game in the car going home. Not that it was remotely rewarding.) I'm hoping that all the recent articles about how head injuries are causing premature dementia and death in many players are finally having an impact — along with the NFL's lamentable behavior over the Ray Rice affair. Watching football has become an inescapable moral issue. I hope its sway is finally finished in my household.

9. Sunsets. Super Moons. Northern Lights. We've been experiencing spectacular evening skies lately. I've been too tied up to get out and shoot them this week, but I've been enjoying glimpses, and others' photos, and I hope to get outside soon.

10. The Furry Five. You didn't think I'd neglect to mention them, did you?  I adore all of them and four out of five adore me back. Harris loves me so much that he's perched on the back of my chair, trying to eat my hair right now.

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