Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crashed and Smashed

So, this bowl was a birthday present from my husband:

We found it in a shop in Camden, Maine, last month. It's from Turkey, it's hand-painted with lots of raised relief, and it's obviously one of a kind. I should have known better, but I put it on our coffee table because I liked looking at it so much. Early one morning, last week, Someone sent it smashing to the floor. It was in pieces on the rug when we awoke. 

I kept the pieces. We might try to glue it back together this weekend, but it will never be the same. But doing it will be good practice for repairing my antique majolica plate, which met a similar fate last night:

I bought this in an antique shop in Concord last spring. I love certain majolica designs, especially in green and/or blue, but otherwise I can stand the stuff. I wanted this piece the moment I saw it — and the price was good, too. I kept it on one of the little Syrian tables by the fireplace, and I was sitting beside it last night, in the velvet armchair. I was eating a sandwich and reading on my laptop. I had been giving the cats little pieces of turkey and cheese from my baguette, and everyone was taking their turns and being polite until Wendy swatted a piece from my fingers with a rather vicious forehand, scratching me lightly and sending the turkey flying. I decided the rest of my sandwich was mine. 

A little while later, I saw the table beside me rise in the air and, as I screeched in surprise, it went crashing sideways along with everything on it — my plate, a drink, three candles, and the majolica plate. Everything survived but the plate, which is in bits. I think Wendy must have gone hunting for her missing piece of turkey and gotten her head stuck under the table, which has eight legs spaced close together. 

Honestly, I never saw who did it, or who fled the scene. I'm pretty sure it was Wendy, but whoever it was vaporized when the scene became a crime scene. 

I don't hold grudges or cast blame when it comes to our cats, but too many things have gotten damaged recently. This summer, I put our lifesize, silver lobster on the mantel. It's made painted plaster over a wire frame, and it's heavy. I never imagined the Harris (or Lion, or whoever, but probably Harris) would find a way to send it crashing to the floor, as it did a few weeks ago. The top of its head is damaged, along with one claw. I kept the pieces I could find; my husband is going to try to glue it back together, too. Although he did point out that lobster claws grow back if you wait long enough.

I don't hold grudges; but replacing the destroyed items is my form of revenge. I spent last night looking for an identical majolica plate and a suitable Turkish bowl. There aren't any, but I am relentless when I want something specific. I looked on Ebay. Etsy, Rubylane, Antiques.com, and many other sites, and I will hunt obsessively until I find what I want. I learned that my plate is 19th-century French Sarreguemines majolica. And those bowls are made in a Turkish city called K├╝tahya. If you know of any any sources that you think I should check, please let me know. 

In the meantime, I'm going to try to figure out what else that cats can break, and try to put it out of their reach. Ha.

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