Thursday, October 16, 2014

Decorate for Fall

Boy, I just received lots of postcards from Maine, and they'll appear here a little later. A few very late postcards from the gorgeous conservatory in San Francisco showed up, too. I promise to post some Boston-area scenes shortly. But not today. It's rainy and muggy, and it's been much too warm recently — hardly the brisk fall weather Proper Bostonians love.

But it will cool off for good sooner or later, and Halloween is coming, so it's time to dress up this place for fall even if I'm sweating, running the AC, and wearing shorts today. In this little apartment, there's not a lot of decorating I can do. In the kitchen, I replaced our silver tureen with our orange ceramic pumpkin version. The tureens hold various chargers for electronics; we leave our phone chargers plugged in nearby and hide the cords inside the tureen, passing them through the slot for the ladle.

In the bedroom, there's also an autumn-hued quilt on the bed, over a down comforter and flannel sheets. You can see it under some of those old-fashioned bed-warmers we like to have around in the cooler months:

I put a few of those pricey velvet pumpkins on the mantel, where, so far, no cat has ever ventured — knock wood. (Do check out that link: those people are getting a little crazy with the rhinestones, crystals, and beading on their handmade squashes. Are "bridal pumpkins" a thing now?)

For the living room, I put away the silver lobster and crab that we keep around in the summer. I've been slowly accumulating perfect examples of tiny real pumpkins from various markets, so the cats can knock them out of bowls and off the mantel and roll them around. Our future jack-o-lantern is already sitting by the fireplace. And, of course, we always add some furry pillows to the sofa at this time of year:

Cold drafts will soon become a problem, so we'll place our cute, cat-shaped draft blocker against our front door:

The next step in getting ready for fall is to swap our warm- and cool-weather clothing in our closets and chests. But whenever I even think about scheduling that, the temperature soars in response — I was planning to do it this week, hence the October "heat wave." I've decided to hold off as long as I can. 

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