Monday, October 20, 2014

Don't Try This at Home: Pool Style

If you crave a swimming pool but don't have the funds, or even a yard, pick a room and cover the walls, floor, and trim with light blue paint, wallpaper, and wall-to-wall. You'll get a similar, underwater effect without all the maintenance hassles (or wetness, or liability issues) of a real pool.

When I tried and failed to learn to swim in college, I spent too much time walking around on the bottom of a deep, chilly indoor pool, looking upward in hopes of spotting the ladder. When I saw this house listing on, I had an instant déjà vu experience.

If this concept appeals to you, consider adding a "lap lane" with a long runner, and putting a (fake) diving board on the second floor landing. How about attaching a raft or life preserver to the ceiling, and a metal pool ladder to the staircase?

And surely someone sells chlorine-scented candles for the perfect finishing touch.

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