Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Harris!

Two years ago today, we raced ahead of Hurricane Sandy as we drove from Connecticut to Boston with a tabby kitten settled in a carrier in the back seat. We knew he was sweet and adorable but we had no idea idea just how much personality he had, and how he'd transform our lives.

It took us forever to name him. He's named for a cat I loved and lost right after college.

All of our other cats were rescued from outside, but Harris was born indoors, to a mom who'd been rescued by a kind family while she was pregnant. He was loved and nurtured from birth. Is this why he has such tremendous self-esteem? (We refer to him as the M.I.C., the Most Important Cat, because that's clearly how he views himself.) Is this why he is the greatest Snuggler ever? He's already jumped in my lap twice today to purr, cling to me, and roll around like a baby.

Those giant feet!

Harris is our most photogenic cat. With the others, I hope to catch a good pose while they're in action or ignoring me. Harris stops, stares into my lens, and waits, making sure I get my picture:

As affectionate, charming, and purely self-interested as Harris is, what I think we love most about him is his utter lack of maturity. He finally grew into his oversized feet, and he's more than two years old now, but he still looks, acts, and plays like a baby:

We feel so lucky to have him! And he makes sure that we spoil him accordingly.

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