Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Late Postcards from San Francisco

We are heading to Maine for a very long weekend tomorrow, so I'd better get a few more of my postcards from last month's trip to San Francisco out of the mailbox:

In Boston, we call these "tree pits." This is a tree jungle.

Can't resist showing you one more gorgeous Painted Lady.
I love the strong colors and extensive gilding on this one.

Signs on the wall of David Sedaris's Pirate Supply Store on Valencia Street in the Mission. 
It's a pirate store, but it's also a front.

One of several murals that add color to the Mission district. 

Cheese and zucchini pupusas in a little Salvadoran restaurant in the Mission.

Dinner from one of the famous In-N-Out Burger locations did not impress me. 
The fries are dry and tasteless and the burger was similar, even with special sauce and grilled onions. (I realized they'd given me the wrong burger after I took this photo.) 
Both Tasty Burger and Shake Shack are far more delicious. New Englanders can relax. 

On the other hand, San Franciscans have whole parks full of redwoods 
while we just have a couple in the Public Garden. Redwoods are the definition of awesome.

Thanks to my much older siblings, I was tuned in to the '60s even as a schoolgirl. 
So attention had to be paid to Haight Ashbury.

Some things don't change.

Looking across palm trees to the city. What a cool place to live.

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