Thursday, October 9, 2014

Possum in Repose

Possum has recovered from last week's dentistry, although I can't tell if he feels any better than he did before his surgery. He slept a lot before; he sleeps a lot now. I did spot him playing wildly with one of Lion's plastic drinking straws the other day, untl he caught me watching and regained his dignity. He seems to have more interest in helping himself to the other cats' food bowls, and that's probably a good sign, too. He deliberately ignores me when I tell him to keep his paws where they belong. 

At any rate, this looks to me like a happy, comfortable, and well-upholstered cat:

 How proudly he displays his fluffy, expansive belly.

He keeps his paws crossed even when asleep. 
Where did he get this elegant habit?

A few seconds of semi-alertness before he resumed his nap.

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  1. I love/hate photos of Possum in recline. Love because he is so very soft and comfortable and calm.....ahhhhh.... Hate because I am so jealous of his comfort and ease of sleep. His deep relaxation has me wishing for what he has. Possum, you are awesome.


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