Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recent Adorableness: Supper Time

Meals are far more momentous for the cats in this household than the humans. (I think that many of their meals are more expensive than ours, too, since they are getting premium lamb, rabbit, and duck, while we omnivores go light on the meat around here.) 

We used to give them four meals a day but now that everyone is beyond the kitten stage, we're feeding two larger meals, reducing the time by half. There is great enthusiasm from everyone, either way:

Some of the cats are beginning to get a bit fussy about their food. This is a surprising new development, since for months everyone was chowing down as fast as possible so they could then steal food from other bowls. These days, Harris turns up his nose at Tiki Cat Koolina Luau Chicken (despite its costing about $3.50 a can) while Lion walks away from lamb (unimaginable, given his voracious appetite as a baby). Wendy gives me dirty looks if she's given duck. Possum still eats everything, and Toffee isn't too picky, either.

These days, one of us always stays in the kitchen and watches while they eat, to swap bowls around if necessary and make sure everyone gets a fair share and no one's stealing too much food or going away hungry. Meals can take up to 15 minutes since Wendy is a slow, dainty eater. It gives us time to enjoy watching them. Five happy cats going "Nom, nom, nom" can be a pretty splendid sight.

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  1. Such faces! What tails! Gorgeous.



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