Thursday, November 6, 2014

Away for the Weekend

We're heading to Toronto for the weekend. There's a conference in my husband's field and I'm going along for the ride (and the Intercontinental Hotel with pool). We're taking one of those tiny planes (Porter Airlines) where you have to draw straws to see who has to act as the flight attendant and the co-pilot. It will be cold and rainy, and I plan to be outside walking a lot. I'm about to see how many sweaters fit into my little nylon carry-on bag. Stay tuned for some postcards.

I will miss the boys and Wendy, who hid from my camera, Garbo-style.

Someone is obstructing my packing.

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  1. In honor of your house search - in case you haven't seen this:

    It's also a book, on amazon. You had a few good/bad real estate photos on this blog!



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