Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Current Craving: Sparkly Shoes

Check out these Jewelled Flats from Boden's holiday line. Some women say they are the prettiest flats they've ever seen. The rhinestones and crystals are said to look much better in person. Very ornate, dressy shoes inevitably come with towering heels, so these are actually remarkable for their practicality. Strange as that seems.

When I first saw them, I thought they were way over the top, but they've been growing on me, after seeing reviews and photos on other blogs. In other photos and on real feet, they look less gaudy and just, well, fabulous.

Don't all little girls fantasize about having shoes like these when they grow up? I certainly did. And here they finally are.

I think I'd like the gold ones best, especially since they look more subdued and less "gold" in person.

The black ones might be more versatile, although I can't exactly call them a "basic" flat. You could wear either pair with a cashmere sweater and the right pair of dark jeans or black pants for an elegant — but effortless — look. (Making dressing well look easy is a good goal to shoot for. Just look at French women, who keep things simple and never appear like they're trying too hard.)

The navy flats are also gorgeous, but who wears navy when they're dressing up? These might only work with jeans for many women. 

I should have ordered some when Boden was having its recent promotion with 25 percent off and free shipping and returns. They're $198, so a big purchase for me, especially as I have absolutely nowhere to wear them and probably never will. (They might also hurt like hell; reviews are mixed on that. Many women need to size up in these.)

I blew my chance. It would have been fun to play Cinderella in my living room for an hour. If Boden has another promotion with free back-and-forth, and if my size is still in stock, I will take the plunge... and then take photos and report. 

Meanwhile, let me know what you think. Shoes as art? Could they sit on a shelf?

UPDATE: I found a coupon for 25 percent off and free forth-and-back, so I ordered three pairs, two gold (in two sizes) and one black. "Life is short — buy the shoes," as they say. If you want some of your own, here's the code: HG83541G

SECOND UPDATE: I went nuts and bought the navy ones, too. My husband predict they will all be "torture devices" since I have fussy feet and he's probably right. My bank account hopes so.

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  1. Yummy. Hope to see them on your feet when I see you this holiday season!


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