Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Postcards from Toronto: Better in Black

Yes, there are museums and skyscrapers, shops and pretty neighborhoods. But let's cut to the chase — the squirrels in Toronto are gorgeous! And plentiful. If you like squirrels, this is the city for you.

While I saw a few ordinary gray squirrels, there are many more black ones, along with elegantly shaded dark brown ones that look black from a distance. I'd call them "sable." I know that black squirrels are common in other parts of the US, but I've never seen any in Boston or the parts of New England I visit.

As in Boston, some of the Toronto squirrels are friendly and approachable, and some are not.

I wasted a lot of time taking squirrel photos because we kept admiring them and they kept posing. They looked especially striking running around on yellow leaves but they were always too far away for me to get decent photos.

I tried to talk a few into coming to Boston in my suitcase. I told them about all the wonders of the Public Garden and the Comm. Ave. Mall, but they weren't interested. They must really love poutine, or that peameal bacon, or Tim Horton's donuts. Or something.

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  1. LOVE,LOVE the black squirrels.....especially the sable ones! Very cute and photogenic.


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