Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Readying for His Closeup

Possum has been grouchy lately. He's annoyed because it will be Lion's first Christmas with us and so he'll probably be the star of our Christmas card, an honor that usually falls to the newest members of the family. (But not always: Possum was the star again last year since his competition unanimously refused to wear spectacles.)

Every year the cats try to find original poses and ideas. (Not Wendy.) Harris is excellent at modeling. He's on his third Christmas, however, and has already grown bored with the operation. He's waiting for the holiday decorations to appear before he invests any energy.

We're all dying to know if Toffee is going to try to eat all the decorations again this year. Last year, he chewed at least five plastic light bulbs off our tree. While it was lit.  (I have no idea how we're going to work around his proclivities this year; this keeps me awake at night. Please send suggestions.)

Possum cares deeply about being our Cover Cat. He's has been practicing dramatic poses, knowing his fluffy torse is irresistible. He also knows that Lion never lies on his back (for reasons unknown). So he has this look all to himself. I can imagine a row of sparkly bows marching down that vast expanse of belly. Now there's an idea...

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  1. After you've decorated the tree, enclose it completely in some sort of fine-mesh bag.


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