Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rest for the Wicked

I went out for a couple of hours yesterday and came home to find Possum, Harris, and Toffee in the kitchen, walking around in tea leaves. Harris — I know it was him, I know his habits, and I am beginning to be able to read his mind — had knocked a metal Teavana tin off the counter and somehow pulled the stopper out of it. The stopper is metal, too, and tight, requiring some effort to remove. I have no idea how he did it. Maybe it opened on impact but I doubt it.

Fortunately, the tea was rooibos, which I know is herbal and caffeine-free. Caffeine is toxic for cats, so we store our loose tea in a cabinet. But I was planning to make iced tea yesterday. I still panicked; who knew what other toxins might be in the stuff? Shooing the cats out of the kitchen wasn't easy; they were really interested in the tea and it was also suppertime. The vacuum cleaner finally did the trick, and made Lion almost miss his supper.

I called our vet after I finished cleaning up the mess, just to make sure. The receptionist tried to make me call Animal Poison Control ($65/call) but I persisted. As I suspected, my vet knew all about the tea and said it was safe.

And, indeed, all was well. I didn't want to drink that stuff anyway.

Meanwhile, our little vandal looks more innocent than ever, napping in a kittenish pose that shows off his foot fluff and pink and black paw pads. All of his toe pads are pink and all of his foot pads are black. With Harris, it's all about the details, and he doesn't miss a one. He doesn't like foreign bodies on his counters and so he sends them over the edge.

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  1. You should invest in a webcam when you're away from home. It would make for some very amusing posts!


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