Thursday, November 13, 2014

Souvenir from Toronto: Fleece Leggings

Wander the shopping areas of Toronto, and you'll quickly realize that Canadians know a thing or two about keeping warm. I went into Hudson's Bay Company, a vast department store that is the oldest continually operating company in North America. You've probably seen their iconic wool blankets with multicolored stripes. (If only we didn't have moths....) The Bay sells everything from coats and scarves to dog collars and infant onesies emblazoned with those stripes. The women's boot department was overwhelming, and pleasantly so. The vast majority of styles were equestrian, with low heels and decent soles for winter weather. Canadians don't fool around. (We did spot one young Asian woman on the street wearing ridiculously high-heeled, white shoes, but she was surely a tourist — other passersby were nodding in her direction and giggling.)

I  also visited Roots, a Canadian chain that carries quality casual clothing, shoes, and leather goods for men and women. Everything I saw was designed with warmth and rugged,  outdoorsy charm in mind. I bought these black, red, and white fleece-lined leggings:

They're soft and substantial, and I plan to only wear them around the house, unless I hide them under a skirt and tall boots when the Arctic cold fronts come in January. Their leggings seem to run one size small in case you're interested. The two slender saleswomen I consulted reported that they had as much trouble getting into their proper size as I did. They also said they're durable and extremely warm, so I couldn't resist. I can't wait to wear them... but if the temperature decides to moderate again into, say, the 50s, I'd be up for that, too.

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