Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sparklers from Boden

Some of my Boden jeweled shoes have arrived while others are still "wending their way from across the Pond," or whatever — as they so picturesquely say in their shipping emails. I ordered five pairs and I now have three — in two sizes and three colors.

They are lovely, and fun... but I've been too busy working on a deadline to do more than try them on for half a minute! I'm not sure when that situation will improve, so here they are:

The gold ones are prettier than the black because those giant clear gems on the toes 
would have raised an eyebrow on Liberace.

Harris liked them, though.

The gold ones are "like a fairy," as an Italian friend commented when
I posted this on Facebook.

The navy ones arrived yesterday and they are a little less blingy, and very pretty. But I don't have time to show them right now! Bye! 

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