Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter Arrives

We removed our air conditioner yesterday, before the rain began. It was still full of water from earlier rains and left puddles all the way to the car. But now it's back in the suburban relative's garage where it winters.

And just in time for this:

It was snowing this morning. It was mixed with rain but it was definitely the white stuff. No two ways about it. It went on for some time but didn't stick.

If you turned your back to the windows, you could pretend it wasn't happening.

Some of us decided to stay in today, eat soup, and hang out on the sofa.

Others of us have to go out to buy bread, bananas, and something for dinner since we ate all the soup. 

I wonder where my fleece-lined boots are...

PS: We're upgrading my laptop today from Snow Leopard (now an endangered Mac species) to Yosemite, so if you don't see anything posted here for several days, you'll know why.

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