Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Little Crazy Around Here

Our two vandals take a brief break.

Post-holiday lethargy has set in, at least among us humans. We're recuperating from the holiday excitement and the long drives back and forth to my family in Pennsylvania, which included getting rear-ended on the trip back to Boston. (We're fine and the car just needs a new rear bumper. We were very lucky.)

The cats have their own ideas. Harris spent the day trying to dismantle the tree, aided by Toffee. When he got tired of swatting ornaments, he gnawed off twigs and carried them around. This went on for hours. I tried to distract him with his great new Da Bird pole toy, but he preferred to attack the tree. (But Lion loves Da Bird and even lazy Possum gave it a few swats.) Harris also stole three pairs of hideously bright Star Trek–themed socks (packaged together) that were a gift to my husband. I was hoping he'd sold them on the sock black market, but they reappeared. Who would want them?

*  *  *  *  *

Possum just got hurt in some kind of collision with the other boys, who were unusually rowdy tonight, chasing each other. About an hour ago, we heard bodies crashing and violent hissing in the bedroom, and then Possum came limping into the living room. He'd injured his back leg. He limped around restlessly, trying to find a place to retreat and get comfortable. He tried his box, went under the tree, jumped gingerly onto my chair, lay on the floor and then sprawled on top of my husband, who reported that he was purring.. He's looking pretty comfortable at the moment, giving himself a bath on the sofa.

I called my friend Robin for advice as soon as it happened, since she's experienced with all kinds of cat accidents after many years of fostering. She gave me great instructions on how to examine his leg after he's had time to settle down and relax. Since he's purring, I will do that now. I don't think this is an ER situation because he's putting weight on the leg and it's the normal temperature, but if I feel anything weird, off we'll go to Angell. Otherwise, we'll keep an eye on him through the night and take him to the vet in the morning if he's not fully using the leg or just doesn't seem like his usual self. Wish us luck.

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  1. Purrs for Possum that he is feeling better by now.

    and um.. well.. yeah, I'd take those socks.. as a lover of socks and ST..


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