Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let the Games Begin...

Yesterday afternoon, I asked my husband if he even wanted to get a tree this year. We were positive last year that it would be our very last Christmas in this apartment, and so we are pretty bummed to find ourselves still here.

He mulled it over and decided it would be depressing not to have a tree. We drove to the Belmont Lions Club tree lot and bought one of the biggest ones they had. The people who work there are really nice, and they have very good, affordable trees and the best plain wreaths — fat and fluffy. 

We were going to settle for a tall, skinny tree we liked, but this gentleman insisted on
showing us this one. It was much bigger and better, and we had to go for it.

The tree wasn't quite as big as the car. High school boys really like our car.
Lion was afraid of the tree when we brought it in and missed his supper.
Later he joined our other furry woodland creatures, who were hanging out beneath it.

We stocked up on lights at CVS (two for one!) as I remembered tossing multiple strings
 last year afterToffee chewed the bulbs off them. Toffee approved our purchases. 
When it was time to put the lights on the tree today, four old strings were pretty dead.
We needed what we bought and we still have extras for next year — although I am not 
anticipating Toffee-related shortages this year. We had another little talk...

I love seeing my ornaments again each Christmas. This year, I only used about
two-thirds of my supply. You can see my minimalist result, below.

I'd just finished, and Harris began swinging at something I hope is unbreakable. 

The cats left us alone for most of the decorating, although Harris tried to swipe some ornaments. I suspect they've decided they'll meet up to redecorate it after we're in bed. The bottom of the tree is kind of bare, by design, but there's unbreakable stuff there. I should probably buy some boxes of those plastic balls that look like glass.

Another Christmas in our same-old place, and I don't think it will be so bad after all....


  1. That is one gorgeous tree. I hope no ornaments go missing--I read about last year's antics! Speaking of which, we are seeking a new vet in the greater Boston area--do you have any recommendations? Our newest addition, a calico Norwegian Forest cat (we think!) is being unfairly profiled by the current vet--she is sassy but not fractious, and yet they insisted (upon first meeting her, when all she did was hiss a bit) that she be anesthetized just for blood work. She may have eaten a string, and if surgery is required I will not bring her back to that place. Thanks in advance if you are able to make a recommendation.

    1. Thanks for your comment! We are long-time fans of Dr. Laura Widman at the Boston Cat Hospital, now near the Forest Hills T stop, and also Dr. Kim Levine. They are great with our cats, and their vet techs are excellent, too. An all-cat practice = cat-loving, very experienced staff who have seen everything and stay up-to-date on cat-specific issues. If your cat ever needs emergency care or surgery, Angell Animal Medical Center (MSPCA) is THE place to go 24/7. That's where we take our string swallowers for endoscopies and the infamous vomiting drug within hours of their swallowing something.

  2. Lovely tree..

    I have gobs of those unbreakable ornaments.. but I doubt they are worth the two hour car ride north to get them :)


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